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Stevie Franchise – Do You Want a Mixtape?


The latest project by Stevie Franchise, Do You Want a Mixtape? is the followup to #NowOrNeva, another mixtape by Stevie which we’ve covered. To tell you  a bit about him, Stevie is a progressing artist, well on his way to working his way up in the industry. Stevie has traveled to many regions in the U.S. to perform and tell his stories, reflections, and thoughts with others through his music. As for Do You Want a Mixtape?, it’s definitely clear that Stevie stepped his game up by kicking the door open with this new mixtape. The intensity in every aspect of these new tracks have been taken to the next level. From the beginning, things start off strong. It seems pretty clear that dedication and perseverance are key aspects of Stevie and that really came through for me on this mixtape because you can pick up that he knows his goal and is set on it. Check it out in the links below:

Do You Want a Mixtape?

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Gooby The Baby – Live From The Cradle & Listen Up


I just checked out these two mixtapes: Live From The Cradle and Listen Up, both by Gooby The Baby and wanted to let everyone know about them. What I like about these mixtapes, and Gooby as an artist, is that he keeps it real by writing about real life and down to earth topics, but keeps it interesting with his musical talent and various styles of hip hop throughout his mixtapes. I also appreciate the fact that each mixtape is a complete product, instead of just having a few tracks that stand out, these mixtapes are something you’re able to start from the beginning and listen to all the way through. Check these out, I enjoyed them and I think you will too.

Here are the mixtape links:

Listen Up

Live From The Cradle


Bobby James – The Ugly Duckling


The Ugly Duckling was, now surprisingly, my first experience with listening to music by Bobby James. Within the first song, I was impressed and interested in what else this mixtape had to offer. When listening to this, I got a strong feeling that Bobby James has all the bases covered, so to speak, as a hip hop artist. First and foremost, Bobby James is able to control words in a verse in a way that sounds effortless; each verse is put together beautifully. I really was impressed by the level of his lyricism and word-play in his rhymes. Additionally, the delivery of these lyrics is flawless. The actual method in delivering lyrics is often overlooked, but extremely important. In the case of The Ugly Duckling, lyrics are vocalized in each verse in the way that specifically  works best. Overall, there is a positive, interesting, and thought-provoking theme on this mixtape that I picked up on when listening, and I really enjoyed The Ugly Duckling and greatly appreciate the high quality of this mixtape. Definitely check it out at the link below, you’ll be glad you did.

Check out The Ugly Duckling!

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Papa Yon – Music Is My Life Vol. 1


A really exciting mixtape that vibes very well by Papa Yon. Music Is My Life Vol.1 has especially solid flow and wordplay rhyming that break Papa Yon away from the heavily solidified stereotypes that are often placed on white artists in contemporary hip hop. I typically avoid the race card, but it is worth mentioning that Papa Yon doesn’t seem to follow the trends that young, white artists tend to. That’s only positive however, because he has created his own sound that works well for him. Papa Yon also carries a diverse musical skill set, he is a rapper, singer, and sound Engineer. Music Is My Life Vol. 1 sufficiently speaks for Papa Yon as an artist, both by the title and by how the music is presented. It’s something you’ll have to hear for yourself to really feel what’s going on with it, but it’s something I like and I feel as though it will appeal to most people. Overall, Music Is My Life. Vol. 1 is well written, performed, and expressed by Papa Yon through a diverse style which is often, fun, exciting, heavy, and even a bit somber at times. I enjoyed Music Is My Life Vol. 1 by Papa Yon and believe you will too; check it out.

Listen to Music Is My Life. Vol. 1.

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Check out his Youtube!



Jaybee Tha CEO, Nytch G, A.N.T., Diz, Bezo – Roaches & Ashtrays Vol.#1 Green Swishers


Towards the beginning of this mixtape, I expected the majority of it to center around loud, intense beats that go nicely with the lively hooks these artists put over them. Many of these tracks follow this style. Tracks like these keep the listener interested and enjoying the flow of the mixtape. These artists do well on these instrumentals because of the positive nature of their lyrics. On the other hand, I was impressed by the serious toned songs. There is a lot of content on this mixtape that is meaningful and expresses the thoughts and lives of the artists. The more serious lyrics are written in a genuine nature and do a good job of connecting with the listener. I was generally satisfied with the total content of Roaches & Ashtrays Vol.#1 Green Swishers and enjoyed listening and reviewing. Check it out at the link below.

Roaches & Ashtrays Vol.#1 Green Swishers

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Flo’Jo – City Charm


Great mixtape by Baltimore hip hop artist and producer, Flo’Jo. City Charm was a huge surprise for me; I was really blown away by how many things Flo’Jo does extremely well on every track on this mixtape. His lyrics are especially impressive because they’re written with the quality of modern-day poetry. Flo’Jo doesn’t reserve speaking authoritatively, but does so very poetically and intellectually which gives City Charm a very concise and respectable tone. The general delivery of this lyrics is also done in an especially noticeable style with an amazing flow that helps to produce an incredible tone for City Charm. All of this combined with nicely implemented hooks brings this together as an exceptional package of enjoyable music. I really liked this mixtape and anyone who has an appreciation for well written lyrics will too.

Check out City Charm

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Remedy – The Resistance


The Resistance is the debut album by Georgia native, Remedy. Straight from the beginning, I was blown away by the incredibly “Real” vibe that this mixtape gives. Through music, Remedy expresses various ideas and feelings. As she says, “I realized I have a lot to say. It became a passion of mine when I realized I could express myself creatively after joking around for a short period of time. Words are powerful and I feel as though I can be influential in a positive way when I share my music with the world. Music is a universal language. I am music and everyday is truly a song.” It was especially positive and important to me that she doesn’t clutter up her music. By that, I mean that these tracks aren’t full of unnecessary additions that typically distract the listener from the artist’s lyrics; Remedy writes exceptional lyrics that are allowed to stand on their own and speak for themselves. She consistently gets her message across in an artistic and brilliant manor that results in a “Pure” and clean sound. I really appreciated that she is able to write poetry that doesn’t need to hide behind other musical elements. Considering that this is just the first mixtape by Remedy, I am excited to see her continue and grow as an artist and to hear what she does next. Really a solid mixtape that will have you impressed. Check this one out!

Get The Resistance here.

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Blurum13 – Inverted


Inverted is the latest solo album Maryland artist, James Sobers. Also known as Blurum13, he has developed a style of writing which includes, as his bio states “A mélange of acrobatic rhymes, poetic profundities, and silken, sensually sung melodies. His texts are empowering and enlightening, encompassing physics, metaphysics, astronomy, astrology, existentialism, social commentary, and uplifting introspection.” I couldn’t agree more with this. His style is certainly his own. The more noteworthy aspect of Blurum13′s lyricism however, is certainly his wordplay. I found it incredible that he is able to use such a plethora of words and sounds in so many different ways. These lyrics introduced me to a way of looking at the English Language that I wasn’t familiar with. It’s interesting the way that he is able to change up timing, inflection, and “Bending” of the words in order to result in an innovative and original sound. All across Inverted, Blurum13 thoroughly includes punchlines, metaphors, and other curve balls that make the lyrical portion of this mixtape stand out. This is a remarkable mixtape that I personally recommend you check out for yourself.

Listen to Inverted HERE

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Prince Radio Ra, Sky Starski, Skrilla Mane – #SocialCurrency


From Queens, NY, Prince Radio presents: Sky Starski, and Skrilla Mane and their debut mixtape: #SocialCurrency, hosted by DJ Tear Dropz. This mixtape, especially the lyrical style, has a great sound. Each artist put his own style and inflection on each track which keeps the progression of the mixtape sounding original. Each artist does a great job of fitting the instrumental so that all aspects of every song reach their potential. I particularly liked that there are occasional elements other than traditional hip hop. Examples of this are some instrumentals with unusual, but cool sounds on beats, track interludes, and relaxed lyrical delivery. In addition, there are instances that include deep, meaningful lyrics that the artist uses to portray what he thinks and feels to the listener. Very diverse, innovative, and all around great mixtape by this group. #SocialCurrency deserves some serious attention, so check it out. I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to review it.


Check out #SocialCurrency HERE

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Tek Swisha – Ground Work


Very solid mixtape by Tek Swisha. Hosted by DJ Shure Fire and DJ Smallz, Ground Work is a 17 track mixtape full of seamless flow, great instrumentals, and engaging lyrics. I liked Ground Work because the message, theme, or story in each song is clearly delivered and well told. I enjoyed that there weren’t any intense themes, but still talked about real life in a real way. It’s also noteworthy that most of these songs focus on an actual turn of events; on storytelling, instead of mindlessly talking at the audience. Props for that. One thing I was just as surprised by as I was impressed, were the hooks here. The artists incorporate melodies in the chorus which lighten the sound and gets the listener interested in-between verses and puts more focus on the lyrics in each individual verse. I was really impressed by Tek Swisha, as well as DJ Shure Fire and DJ Smallz. This really came together in every aspect as a great mixtape. I recommend that everyone checks this out.

Check out Ground Work HERE.

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