Diversatility, is the latest mixtape from Brooklyn rapper, Tay Best. Tay Best has been writing since the age of 10 and has been through and learned from a vast, diverse spectrum of inspirational experiences. This gives his work a conscious tone and a level-headed quality.  After thoroughly checking this mixtape out, I was really surprised that Tay Best hasn’t received more buzz for his music. Everything from lyrics, to beat selection, to flow, to production, to sound quality, the full package is very well and professionally done. Tay Best has one element that particularly stands out though: metaphors. Spread throughout the mixtape, these work well as something that encourage the listener to pay attention to and listen closely for. Metaphors are typically missed, should the audience not pay attention, so the listener is certainly rewarded for paying attention to these lyrics. I was also particularly impressed by the pure sound quality here; it just sounds great. This is definitely one that deserves your attention. Check it out.

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